As a birth photographer, I bear witness to incredible transformations. Documenting strength, beauty and unmatched love while honoring the sacredness of your birth story. I capture your birth day quietly and unobtrusively, taking cues from you during the whole process and providing you with what you need and want, beyond just taking photos. My work reflects a deep commitment to my clients and their varied birth journeys. I photograph birth stories throughout Central Florida and I would love to document yours.

Why Hire a birth photographer?

     If the thought of hiring a birth photographer makes you cringe, you are not alone. The first thing that tends to come to people’s minds is “why would anyone want such graphic images?”. Birth photography is not just about capturing the birth process itself, but all the precious moments leading up to and immediately after your baby comes earthside. If you are on the fence about whether or not to make the leap and hire a photographer, let me give you a few reasons why you absolutely should!

1. Capturing all the details

     There is so much going on behind the scenes during a birth that mom doesn’t get to see because she is a little busy, respectively. From moments like babies footprints, measuring and weight check, to the really big things like the way your partner looks at you and baby for the first time. Even the reactions of friends and family waiting to hear the big news. 

2. Your partner can focus on you

     By leaving the photos up to the professional, your partner can focus completely on you and be totally present without the urge to whip out their cell phone during every contraction. Save the facebook updates for the end.

3. Professionalism

     Not only do we provide quality images, but an experienced birth photographer knows how to remain professional in a birthing environment. We know the flow of birth and how to position ourselves so we are not intrusive but still capture all the images that make your heart flutter. 


     While the events of the day will be permanently embedded deep in your heart, they can be a little difficult to bring to the front of your mind. Especially when the reality of life with a newborn sets in and sleep deprivation gets real. As a birth photographer, I capture the most important seconds of your birth story and hand deliver them to you to look back on for the rest of your life. The way baby looked at just seconds new. Baby’s first cry, first feeding, and first time opening their eyes. And my personal favorite, you and your partner’s first time locking eyes with the tiny being that just changed your world for the better. 

Think you are ready to hire? Want to hear more? Maybe you have some questions? Contact me and we can go over investment details and all of your questions and concerns during your free consultation!

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